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I just released a new song called "Growth". You can now listen, watch or buy the track on the website. Growth is a downtempo/ experimental song inspired by the ever changing flow of life. Just like the seeds we plant, we too have to grow ourselves from stuck or stagnant places, everything we have outgrown and elevate or reach for the light, our purpose. I hope you enjoy listening to the track, may it bring you balance, peace and healing or just good vibes for the moment being :) I enjoyed creating it, while growing through the process myself...<3

I have some other tracks on deck, waiting for their debut's a list of what's to come within the next 3 months so make sure to subscribe to my email list. My subscribers will be getting the updates on everything Sonica33 make sure to drop your info!

Release Calendar

09.03.2022 [WALK WITH ME] - Single

09.28.2022 [IN DUB SPACE] - Two track EP

10.13.2022 [LOTUS WHOMP] - Single

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