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Out In The World | Lakeshore Park - Visual Sound Library

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Welcome to OUT IN THE WORLD - a sound library!

I'm very blessed to live in the sunshine state of Florida. I'm making the most of it by doing what I love: combining my love for long-boarding, filming and anything to do with equipment and technology...well you get it an audiophile LOL. While I'm out exploring I'm also gathering sounds. These sounds are of an atmospheric nature which is sometimes hard to reproduce because they have a natural element to them like animals, people, vehicles, city, and so on...As a music producer these type of recordings can be essential for music, video and gaming projects. I'm building a sound library for myself and other musicians, producers and creators. As I develop my art so will these sounds, some will be free of charge and some will be for a fixed price according to the complexity of each project. I would like to invite you to follow me on my Youtube channel and join my email list to receive the link for free downloads and reduced prices.

Watch Here:


Thank you for your support and stay blessed <3

Sonica Thirty Three

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