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Streaming schedule update

Hello fam!

I'm adjusting times and dates for my livestreams since the first week has been a trial and error as I'm still learning to use the software and as I continue to update my hardware. This will take me some time since I still have a day please be patient with me :) I really want to do this correctly. I truly enjoy creating and sharing content, specially when it's about music. I'll be streaming on Monday at 3:33 PM EST on and Wednesday TBA on Youtube/@sonicalchemythirtythree will be on hold for now...I have to update some things on my end to make it work. Fridays will be the Premieres from different content on YouTube and my website. I may pop up on a weekend if I'm feeling it with other ideas :) All I ask is for a subscribe, a follow, and you to join my email list so we can stay connected!

Much love and stay blessed <3

- Sonica Thitry Three

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