Thank You <3

Thank you for listening to Dub In Space! If you enjoyed please leave a comment. I would love to hear your feedback :) You can support the project by purchasing the EP for $3.33. I have added a bonus track called Satellites <3

Dub In Space: Behind The Creation

Dub In Space is a two track EP that consists of Spaceships and Spiritual.

Spaceships has a more upbeat vibe, it keeps you moving...I wanted the listener to stay engaged and in high spirits :) Spiritual gets deep, it's spacey and the vocals touches you at the soul, making you fell warm and loved <3 I even added a 3rd track, Satellites, as a bonus. The EP gives you contrast and duality. Dub in Space is inspired by styles such as Hip Hop, Downtempo, Dub, and Glitch Hop.

What's happenig next?

I got 1 last track, Lotus Whomp, due for my 3 month release goal for August, September and October. After that, I plan on releasing a Chill Hop inspired EP for all my study music, and relaxing souls. I'm still working with release dates...more info coming soon!

How You Can Support Me

If you enjoy the music I make then I would love to have you as a subscriber, this allows me to engage with you directly. All communication you get through email from is coming directly from me. I want to create a community and give back, give exclusive access to those showing support. Just subscribe at the bottom of my page and thank you...stay blessed!

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